the Center for cultural Renewal


The Vision:

To challenge minds with God’s truth, to brighten hearts with beauty, and to enflame souls with the love of Christ, that the culture will be transformed from within. 

The Mission:

To explore and deepen the spiritual and intellectual roots of cultural renewal, nurturing the sources of healing and transformation. To encourage imagination and creativity in the life of the mind and the soul of the individual, that we may fulfill the highest and deepest purposes of God, as we serve Him in this world, with our eyes on eternity.  To equip individuals, congregations, and Christ-centered organizations to serve others with compassion, wisdom and excellence.

The Center for Cultural Renewal is a resource for:

  1. BulletIndividuals seeking deeper meaning in life, who are willing to serve others and want to know how.

  2. BulletStudents who are discerning their gifts and vocation.

  3. BulletChurch and civic leaders who want to learn about effective models to transform lives.

  4. BulletPolicy makers, journalists, and analysts who are interested in effective social entrepreneurial solutions to poverty.  

  5. BulletDonors seeking insights on how to invest wisely in effective faith-based organizations. 

Our goals are to:

  1. BulletSpeak and teach, sharing the history, theology, and philosophy of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, to foster these transcendentals among us.

  2. BulletWrite and speak about inspiring examples of people living faith and virtue in ways that transform their workplaces, their families, and the culture. 

  3. BulletConnect people of good will to opportunities to serve in and support effective efforts in their community.

  4. BulletPlant and nurture effective models worthy of replication.

To accomplish these goals, we work in both the realm of ideas and the realm of Christian nonprofits.  We teach students at the university level, lay people in churches, and adults in spiritual formation.  We offer services to organizations to help them grow, equip church members for outreach, and offer philanthropic advisory services to donors to assist them in giving wisely. We offer workshops and seminars to leaders of nonprofit organizations to enhance their effectiveness. 

To further the mission, we often work in collaboration with other organizations. 

To serve adults living in poverty, transitioning out of homelessness, prison, or unemployment, we founded the WorkFaith Connection in Houston  Since 2007, the WorkFaith Connection has graduated more than 2,000 people, equipping them for the job search and connecting them to more than 1000 employers. Our second location opened January 2011.See more here.

To help people deepen their faith and discern their vocations, we collaborate with the Catherine of Siena Institute to give seminars and workshops throughout the nation.  Since 1997, the institute has trained more than 100,000 people in making disciples and discerning spiritual gifts.  See more here.

To serve young women in an unplanned pregnancy, we are building a coalition of organizations throughout Houston called the Circle of Life, connecting more than 200 pre-screened providers that offer everything from pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to a place to live during the pregnancy, counseling, adoption options, medical care, parenting classes, and then after the birth educational opportunities and assistance finding a job.  Website will be up soon!

To serve at-risk children, we have collaborated with Kids Hope USA, which links one church congregation with one public elementary school and one adult with one young child.  We are fostering  mentoring partnerships throughout Houston and beyond.  Founded in 1995, Kids Hope USA now provides mentors for more than 15,000 children in 29 states, including 350 in Houston.  See more here:

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The Center for Cultural Renewal 

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